An escape room is a game which involves a team of individuals working together to solve puzzles, complete tasks, and find clues in order to accomplish a specific goal “leaving the room.” It is a limitedly timed live-action game, whereby players are able to test their various skills like, critical thinking skills, their ability to pay attention to detail, teamwork, communication and critical thinking skills.

So, what does an escape room game really look like?

Trapped RGV rooms are designed with amazing detail and allow players to fully immerse themselves into the scenario they are playing. Players can even select a the level of difficulty of which they’d like to play!

  • Easy – Minimal difficulty
  • Medium – Standard level of difficulty game
  • Hard –  No hints, just clue cards
  • Legendary – For a hard-core gamer with the highest level of difficulty

At Trapped RGV, before you start, you will be introduced to your game master who will give you the a rundown of what the game will involve and the guidelines and rules.

Anyone can participate in escape games, from groups of young adults to families, couples, corporate groups, church youth groups, business owners and their employees, and more…

The most successful teams are usually made up of people with various experiences, background knowledge, skills and physical abilities who are able to leverage their individuality while working together. Escape room games are more than fun and play, there are a lot of benefits to reap from engaging in them, as they tend to improve team work, the ability to think fast and analyze situations, build communication skills as well as critical and lateral thinking skills. It is also a perfect way to regain motivation and benefit from a challenging environment.

Trapped RGV escape rooms are they most immersive, fun experience you and your group could have.

Trapped RGV is open Tuesday – Sunday (we are closed Mondays). And our prices are simple:

Tuesday – $15/person ALL DAY

Wed – Friday: 4PM – 5PM – $15/person

Wed – Friday: 5PM – close – $25/person

Sat & Sun: $25/person