What Are Escape Rooms?

Trapped RGV Escape Rooms are a fun and challenging real life adventure for friends, family or co-workers, of 4-8 people. Your team works together to solve clues, crack codes, find hidden items, and more in order to escape from a locked room. You only have 60 minutes! Will you be Trapped... or can you escape in time? Trapped RGV Escape Rooms are located in McAllen, TX. Tickets start at $15/person. Book your game now!

Can You Escape Trapped RGV Escape Rooms In 60 Minutes?

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Do You Have What It Takes To Escape Trapped RGV Escape Rooms?


The year is 1983. The Cold War is in full effect. The USSR has nuclear weapons aimed at the US, and the countdown clock has begun. President Reagan called upon your team of secret spies to save the US, but you were captured. Blindfolded & handcuffed your team now has 1 hour to break free, then find & dismantle the nuclear weapon. You are our only hope. Can you save the free world?

Can You Survive?


A virus outbreak has quarantined the Midwest Research & Development Facility For Disease Control. A global pandemic is spreading. You must save the world, but the only scientists that can help you have disappeared. To find the cure you must decipher their puzzles and find the clues left behind to escape before the virus spreads and the lab melts down!

Save the World


In this escape room, you and your friends wake up handcuffed in a strange room and realize you have been kidnapped. Luckily you discover some clues hidden throughout the room by a previous victim. Can your team work together to follow the chain of clues and escape the room before the Kidnapper returns?

Escape your Fate


The year is 1954. You’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime, and sentenced to execution by the electric chair. While you wait on death row you start to find clues in your cell of previous wrongfully accused victims. Turns out the warden has been executing innocent people for the last few years. Can you escape before he puts you down like the other inmates?

Break Out

"A Huge Adrenaline Rush!"

- Facebook Review, 2017

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Trapped RGV Escape Rooms are located at the old Paris Gum Factory on Business 83 in McAllen. We are on the corner of 6th Street & Business 83, you can’t miss us!

609 Business 83
PHONE: 956-685-3033


Team Building


If you’re looking to energize your company/staff/group with new team building activities, look no further than Trapped RGV and our escape rooms.

Groups work together to solve problems and progress as a team. Every game Trapped RGV offers is mentally stimulating and doesn’t require much physically from a player. It’s a safe choice for all types of people. Plus, the environment is fun & exciting… this will be a team building experience your group will never forget!

Problem Solving

Creative Thinking

Team Building

Escape Rooms Are Great For

- Companies + Organizations- Friends + Family- Students + Sports Teams- Military + Law Enforcement

- Churches + Youth Groups- Coworkers + Sales Teams- Gamers + Enthusiasts- Tourists + Travelers

Can You Escape?